We are always updating and adding to our prize shop. Below are some of the prizes that your children can earn by practicing their subjects.

Fortnite Gift Card

Playstation Gift Card

XBOX Gift Card

Nintendo Gift Card

Nintendo Switch


Playstation 4

WWE Mini Figures

WWE Live Action Microphone

WWE Pete Dunne Figure

Pokemon Collector Chest

Pokemon Stickers

Pokemon Figures

Pokemon Cards

Lego McLaren

Harry Potter Game

XBOX Batman


Water Rocket

Harry Potter Puzzle

Mini Drone

How To Draw Superheros

XBOX Lego Avengers

Lego Frozen 2 Wagon

Lego Friends

XBOX Incredibles

Magic Kit

XBOX Wireless Controller

PS4 Lego Star Wars

Playstation Mini Controller

Nerf Strongarm Blaster

Lego - Frozen 2 Jewelry Box

XBOX Controller - Avengers

Microscope Kit

Origami Book


Crayola Color Caddy

Nat Geo Volcano

Cat Puzzle

5000 Awesome Facts Book

Crayola Pencil Set

Clue Board Game


Studio In A Box

Lego Porsche 911

PS4 Family Fun Pack

XBOX Gift Card $10

Fortnite Gift Card $10

Nintendo Gift Card $10